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Band Members
Elle G-Vocals
Josh Donaldson-Guitar
Dan Snow-Bass
Jason Tackett-Drums


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Second Chance At Eden

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Second Chance At Eden was created by four musicians from very different artistic veins with a goal to blend these different genres seamlessly.  A vocalist that started her love for music at an early age.  She started showing her love when she started writing music with her acoustic guitar.  She would play to anyone who would listen.  She pulls her influences from the likes of Joplin and more currently Foo Fighters and Incubus. A guitarist that started at age six, obsessed with Jimi Hendrix, Metallica and Led Zeppelin who thought of different ways to play their songs.  A bassist that grew up in a musical family, following in his fathers footsteps -  singing in school choirs, playing keyboard and had a love of rap, hip hop, R&B and Rock N' Roll. A drummer who, as a child  would sit in his room and drum along with Neil Peart from Rush until it was perfect.  This is what makes S.C.@.E. unique. The ability to not put ourselves in a box, never sounding forced and being musical vagabonds makes what we do catchy and deep. We came together to create what we see as an homage to the core of what rock n' roll should be.