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Band Members
Tom - Lead Vocals
Rob - Bass/vocals
Alex - drums
Mike - Lead Guitar






Parti Gras

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Rocking venues in Cincinnati area since 2010, Parti Gras is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best live acts to step foot on the town's stages.  Intoxicating the audience with their explosive covers and offering a cocktail of 80s, 90s and contemporary hit music. The group features some of the most talented up and coming musicians within the local scene, and they certainly know how to get the party started.  With their incendiary and passionate rendition of crowd favorites blended with a rock edge which sheds new light on some classic covers, they deliver all of what we love about pop music: catchy hooks and straight forward melodies! Parti Gras never sticks to the rules, but they’re not afraid to compromise when it comes to fulfilling their goal of setting parties on fire and becoming the ultimate crowd pleasing group. This band is one of a kind. You'll just have to see it to believe it.