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Band Members
Mustang - Guitars and Vocals
Ponch - Bass and Vocals
TeePee (The Suspect) - Lead Vocals
Lieutenant Jack Woo - Drums and Electronics


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Naked Karate Girls

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Get out ya seat people because the Naked Karate Girls has rolled up wit da curb feelers and brought the party! Dis ain’t just another band, dis is an experience. Knowwhudimean? NKG is four city slickers from Cincinnati, Ohio who have been bringing the fun in other bands for years. Now, united by 3-piece suits, Schlitz beer and a mastery of mustache grooming skills, NKG has come together to form the ultimate undercover party force. We’re not just the local fuzz...we’re three macho cops and one crazy suspect who tro down the best music from all decades. Kapiche?

Afraid to dance? Fuggedaboudit. We make you shake like a love machine with funny choreography, props and outfits that encourages everyone in the audience to participate wit us. We even have a dance pole on stage just so the ladies can get up and express themselves. Dis is a world class show.

The Naked Karate Girls can be seen and heard cuffing-and-stuffing audiences throughout the Midwest in clubs, live venues, private parties, weddings, and corporate functions. The Naked Karate Girls is a professionally touring Las Vegas style dance/rock show band.