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Band Members
Richard Striker- Lead Vocals, Man in Front
Richard 'E' Wanker- Lead Guitar, Yodels in the Background
N. Kitti Richards- Vocals and Breath Spray
Richard Tubbs- Drums, Percussion, Occasional Background Screeching
Richard Banger- Bass and Gregorian Chants
Richard Brewer the 6th- Guitars, Brews



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5 Richards

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When ‘E’ (aka Richard ‘E’ Wanker) and Jeff (aka Richard Tubbs) 1st started the band 5
Richards, the goal was very simple. “I said to Jeff, I want it to be about the listener, and to be entertaining enough that I can turn around to look at you with a face that says: ‘would you look at how much fun the crowd is having’?” Judging by the size of the crowd at their last show, this plan is working out. The crowds have been slowly building in size over the last year. “It takes time and you have to provide a consistent show. But, the last show we
did, we actually overwhelmed the bartenders with the crowd size, and they had to call in
another bartender to keep up”, said Nick (aka Richard Striker) the front man for 5

That really is no accident. According to ‘E’, right out of the gate the musical plan was a trifecta of songs that: “you can dance to, (songs omitted) you can sing to, or (songs omitted) you can to drink to”. This
seems to keep the fans happy, as it’s a nice mix of musical genre. Watching their last show, 5 Richards seemed to have the right flow of music where the girls could dance and the guys could drink (and watch the girls dance!) Beyond that you can tell this band is HAVING fun. They have simple props like hula-hoops and little tambourines that everybody seems to love to play with (see testimonial below). They even have a 5 Richards Hymnal where the lyrics to fun (omitted to) sing-a-long songs are written out for everyone to sing along. This is working nicely for them. At their last show I witnessed an entire bar
singing the chorus to (Pearl Jam’s) Last Kiss, as the band just sat back smiling and played the music. What is more fun than that?!?


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