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Jammin with Zack Attack

Zack Attack is waking waves with their super hot hip hop pop show. We wanted to know more about the band and sat down with ten hard hitting questions to find out more.

Q. Most club goers should know who and what Zack Attack is by now. But there is always the clueless in any crowd. Dish out the dope on exactly what Zack brings to the stage.

A. by Zack Malibu (guitarist/vocals): Zack Attack=party in your eyes and ears. We are THE ULTIMATE 90’s party band bro! We do it all; pop, rap, hip-hop, rock, even some country. We gots the fresh looks, fresh tunes, and fresh party that makes people dance and party all night long! By the way, does anyone know a mechanic who can fix my ’93 Geo Metro, bro?

Q. On your September schedule you were booked at Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Mansion and are heading to Mailbu, CA on the 2nd. Is this an invitation, a strategy, a vacation or a happenstance?

A. by Zack Fresh (lead vocals): While in Cali, we plan on wearing nothing but tube socks and sun visors and listening to Right Said Fred on our discmans. ZA gets booked at random parties, mansions, and other radical gigs on the regular. Most people say the party does not even START till’ ZA hits the stage. October 2nd is actually Zack Malibu’s birthday, so Flea and Anthony Keidis invited Zack Attack back home to Cali to hit the beach and celebrate Zack Malibu breaking his own personal record of most consecutive days alive! Totally Awesome!

Q. Is the band prepared for the high quality female flesh California breeds, not to mention the fine Cali weeds?

A. by Zack Nasty (drummer): Being that the “left coast” is our old stomping grounds, let’s just say that Cali is as Cali does ;)

Q. Cali sounds enticing but the upcoming Kent State Homecoming show sounds just as good. What’s your plan of attack on the campus queens?

A. by Zack Slack (bass/vocals): Kent State rocks; this will be Round 2 for ZA in that Ohio college town. The plan is gnarly simple; ZA hits the stage, we melt faces, chicks dance, everyone wins. Afterwards, we crash someone’s dorm, and stay up all night playing Playstation drinking Zima.

Q. Few local bands if any have stole so many high profile gigs so quickly (Casinos, top venues & festivals). Many struggle for decades trying to rise up to the likes of your schedule and still fall short. What magic voodoo is fueling the fire of Zack Attack?

A. Zack Malibu: Our Manager/Booking agent (Glenn Kukla, co-founder/producer Naked Karate Girls) is wicked great at getting ZA gigs. In fact, I think he’s paging me right now. Other than that, we just see each gig as a new fantastic opportunity to show the world what ZA has to offer every stage, every time. We just show up and in the wise words of Jeff Spicoli we say “Hey Bud, let’s party!”

Q Any CV reader already is familiar with my harping on the fact that tasty pop hip hop party bands are the most in demand. What do you predict for Zack Attacks future?

A. Zack Fresh: The forecast shows sunny skies, lots of Zack Attack concerts and new tunes every month. Casinos, clubs, festivals, ZA does virtually any type of gig we can my man! ZA does weddings as well! We offer so much more than just music for people’s most special day. Check contact and you can view the level of awesome that ZA brings to a bride and groom. Next year we are shooting a video with Dennis “The Worm” Rodman and Kelly Kapowski at Eddie Vedder’s house.

Q. Rumor has it the members of Zack are secretly the sons & god sons of once-famous one-hit wonders of the pop world. Others say they are actually the illegitimate children of famous pop stars who found one another after a group therapy meeting. Still other say they are simply CCM students, creating a documentary on how to have fun making a living as a student musician. No one really knows. Set the record straight on this.

A. Zack Nasty: Uh, each one of us, including our sound guy, is the illegitimate child of the entire Spice Girls group impregnated by every member of N*SYNC. Even Lance Bass.

Q. Zack Attack’s crowd has become accustomed to jammin’ to the hottest pop hits of the 90’s. Are there any pop stars Zack refuses to cover and why?

A. Zack Malibu: Nope, we will try anything (I mean anything) at least once. You gotta live your life brah!

Q. Obviously party bands are the latest & greatest act a venue can book. Do you see potential for another genre of party band? Such as, Drunken Country, Shotgun Rap, Dentist Office Greatest Hits, Godless Gospel, Disney Themes, Sexy Show Tunes etc?

A. Yeah, it could happen…but good luck while ZA is still in the picture (laughing, then pager goes off, then back to laughing). The Naked Karate Girls are a massive influence on the group, and they set the standard for party bands. If you can bring it like NKG, you got it.

Q. Thanks for putting up with our questions. Zack Attack has a hell of a schedule chock full of great stages in all parts of town. We hope we can make it out and see you guys at one of those shows and party like a pop star with the band. Hell, October is Halloween month, we’re always up for a trick if you provide the treat!

A. Zack Fresh: Thanks Cincy Vibe! You can find out more about Zack Attack by going to the world wide web, then opening your web browser, then typing in H T T P colon, backslash, backslash, W, W, W, dot, ZACKATTACK, dot com. And our website works best with at least a 56k modem.