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Small town diner

Uncle T’s Pizzeria & Eatery
308 West Main Street
Owensville, OH 45160
(513) 735-9464

Owensville is a little town on east Route 50. It has massive traffic, large residential areas, lots of farms and little food. There’s Old Boston Pizza (good), Dunkin’ Donuts and a Subway in the gas station. We’re eatin’ out tonight. Take your pick honey! You’d think it would support another restaurant option.
Nevertheless, the Angilo’s shut down years ago. Mim’s Pizza was short lived, the cool corner drive inn Sonic style joint can’t manage to stay open long either.
New blood. Mim’s spot is now Uncle T’s. It’s a pizza-burger-chicken-breakfast joint. Usually pizza menus feature wings, hoagies, calzones and salads. But Uncle T’s menu adds in the extra work of also offering burgers and sandwiches (in many varieties), fresh chicken breast strips to hand bread and meat loaf to make & bake and more. Not to mention breakfast.
I know thousands drive by daily and wonder... “Huh, it’s a new joint again, wonder if it’s any good?” So I gave it a shot. The server insisted the meat loaf was worth ordering, He claimed the local cop (at a booth eating) eats it everyday almost. You can’t lie in front of a cop about a cop so I got one (in sandwich form). Wings were hailed as awesome and so were the fresh breaded tenders. So both were ordered. Turns out Uncle T’s makes their own BBQ, hot sauce and ranch so I ordered sides of it. $20 and change for it all.
Dissecting the sandwich I forked off a chunk of plain meat loaf. Edge slightly dry, interior very juicy, it held it’s shape well although slightly too loose in the center. Laced with green peppers, light spice, not to salty, mild in general and moist. It was solidly decent. I tried it as the sandwich with the BBQ and caramelized onions it comes with and it was surprisingly better than I imagined. I normally don’t dig the meat loaf/bun thing. But it was worth ordering, and filling.
The fact it comes ala carte with no chips even for about $6 is a bit cavalier. Even with the extra buck for fries or whatever it’s still worth ordering. I wonder if the cop has to pay for fries on his sandwiches though? Or the sandwich even!
The wings were, well normal. Fried fairly crisp, the smaller ones were overdone compared to the thicker ones as they all fried for the same time. The in-house hot sauce was excellent.
The tenders featured good chicken cuts. The fresh breading was light, but not quite browned enough to hold up under the BBQ after several minutes. 1 minute more would have made a world of difference. Small fault to an otherwise proud offering when it comes to tenders. The BBQ and ranch sung out loud with excellent flavors. The fries were just the big bag frozen variety. Cooked well and not over-salted.
I saw other folks food that all looked good. Everyone seemed happy and the owner was attentive and genuine. All in all my food was “Solidly Good”. That’s harder to pull off than it sound too. Few places are solidly good. Maybe it’s enough to keep them around.
Now you can stop wondering and give Uncle T’s a try.