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Feelin’ the ‘Philia

Turophilia Quesadillas
8th and Vine St, Cinti, Ohio 45202
(513) 317-7743

The restaurant biz is expensive. Many folks often think about trying their hand at selling food. Just ‘cause you can cook something at home that people rave over, doesn’t mean you can sell it successfully. In the 7 years CV has been around I’ve seen many good cooks fall and many restaurants with good food fail. It’s all about economics. Rent is expensive. Some newbies lower the costs by renting a cheap unit. Cheap units in abandoned plazas, converted homes or ancient buildings seem appealing with their low rent. But take notice of the successful places. Low rent = low rent customers. Simple as that. Trust me, NEVER go low rent plaza.
The best way to enter the ring on a budget is via truck. Food trucks are in full craze now across the US. They’re an excellent low cost, no rent way to have a legal licensed kitchen to retail food from. They’re never “stuck” in a down-turning location. They never miss out on a big event because it’s across town. They’re cheap to insure, operate and bring good resale value if the business flops. No leases required, no property maintenance fees, fewer break-ins, not to mention fewer employees. They’re cheap but not limited to cheap areas.
Young lady Fallon Horstmeyer took that exact route with her Turophilia truck (An Airstream actually). A lot of time and more than a little money went into the 67’ ‘Stream to get it ready for Turophilia’s spring 2011 opening. She’s been chucking out ‘dillas that make fans ever since. The shiny micro restaurant is at 8th & Vine serving hot lunch from 11-3 Tues-Fri. Inside her Turophilia truck is all the makings for original, creative and even downright twisted giant stuffed quesadillas. Ingredients and flavor sets these apart from those you’d find at the generic restaurant chains.
Turophilia features organic, & wheat tortillas. Stuffed with an array of different flavor profile combinations. Turkey, bacon and avocado. Smoked salmon, cream cheese. Wasabi rice with scallions, smeared with spicy mayo. A vegetarian quesadilla stuffed with spinach, roasted red peppers, onions, garlic with warm goat cheese. I went (as always) with the “Old School” a traditional flavor recipe with tomatoes, peppers, onion and Mexican cheese. Spiced but not spicy, stuffed but not overflowing, crisp, cheesy, rich and filling. It was $7 and worth every Washington. Turophilia offers a unique menu which is surprising as it’s limited to just quesadillas. The combos and flavors are varied enough to please anyone. So are the prices.
So far it looks good for young Fallon and her Turophilia truck endeavor. All the papers and blogs have featured her truck, and she has an impressive 96% rating on urbanspoon. The hard work paid off and the good ingredients and fabulous flavors are keeping customers at the window. Customers.... That’s what its all about.




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