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Just Opened: The Venue

9980 King Auto Mall Dr. Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
(513) 239-5009

Field’s Ertel’s beat is back. The affluent neighborhood was oddly devoid of any club level entertainment since Bar 71 and The Venue closed quite a while back. I can’t think of a better spot to open a club in Cincy. A super neighborhood that rivals most any in the city. New buildings and huge lighted parking lots. They have everything there... except a single club. No more.
The Venue’s roots found solid footing in the fertile Field’s Ertel soil with their brand of luxury suburban swank a few years back. Shortly after opening, leases, landlords and partners created problems that forced the eventual closure/move of the club. Unlike many, it closed in full stride.
Inspired by repeated requests for it’s re-birth (by the locals) a new Venue is now open. It’s as if they never left. Just a couple parking lots over from the old location even. A better space in many regards.
The new Venue feels much like their previous space (chic modern swank), but features more open space. A 360 bar anchors the center of the room for easy access. A second full bar backs that one up, eliminating lines during peak operation. The bar and floor is well staffed by sexy (yet capable) bartenders & cocktail servers.
I appreciate the capable part. Sexy servers are great, if they can knock out the lines with the ease of pro finesse. Customers like to see sexy skin sure, but they want their drink first & foremost.
The Venue’s staff can handle the crowd, they just happen to look good doing it. You can expect fast service, even in a 365 person crowd. It’s a pro show.
The large stage, built to maximum dimensions, features only the best entertainers in Cincy. The Rusty Griswolds were on it during my visit. The crowds swarmed stage front. The band kept them on their toes and twisting on the dance floor in fine fashion (as usual). The Griswolds costs around 3k for the night. As do many of the acts you’ll see on this stage. I’ve met the wizard behind the curtain, he’s honed in on high quality. In the bar, the food, the bands, the experience. I find that philosophy not only rare but much appreciated. Just because we live in suburban Cincy doesn’t mean we have to live like rubes.
Look at the menu. Grilled Cajun Lamb chops, Hot & Spicy Shrimp & Blackened Salmon, doesn’t sound much like the usual pub grub fare does it? The kitchen keeps little to nothing in the freezer. Cooks actually create the sauces, not to mention the food. Reubens, clubs, spinach & turkey sandwiches, BBQ chicken, big burgers, fresh dough pizza, wings & salads are all done with pride and without prejudice towards cost.
Yet, $10 will buy most anything. I’m not certain how profitable that scratch made food is at that price, but I am certain about how good it is. That’s The Venue’s style. Be the best we can be, attract discerning patrons. And patrons... they have patrons in spades my friend.
Expect 300+ on any given weekend night. That’s what they have been running so far and the word isn’t even thoroughly out yet. The lunch & dinner numbers should grow strong. The Venue has few competitors serving only fresh food. Nearly every sign surrounding them is a corporate backed frozen food joint restaurant. You will be served fresh food at The Venue. Open for lunch and dinner Tues-Fri (dinner only on Saturday).
Ballroom dancers fill The Venue on Wednesdays. Friday & Saturday nights are big name band dance action. Sundays and Mondays they rest and recover.
I can say with reasonable certainty, if you dress to impress (they would prefer it that way, and insist on several standards), spend a weekend evening at The Venue you will be resting and recovering as well come Sunday, and maybe Monday too.
You’ll walk in wide eyed at all the pretty people (If you passed on bothering with that nice dress you’re regretting it now). In no time a smiling vixen will put a drink in your hand and you’ll explore the surroundings and mingle. Neon clad servers weave throughout the crowd swiftly. The band is blasting, the music boosts your blood pressure and get you out on the dance floor. Suddenly you’re swept into an undertow tow of flesh. You move, you groove, maybe, you even grind. Then as you walk away to catch your breath, Coyote Ugly girls beckon you like sirens from atop the bar. They stand above you, sexy legs straddling your head and pour liquor straight across your lips. Forget about catching your breath, swallow, smile, shake it off and get back in the mix!
I’m too sober and too married for that experience. But The Venue has the perfect spot for the less “in the mix” folks like myself. The stage height VIP sections, here you relax on fine leather sofas. Integrated into the crowd, yet railed off three feet above the bustle and ballyhoo. I’m fine with just watching the sexys and the crazys, from a distance. It’s the best view in The Venue. You get a dedicated VIP server that’s at your beckon call with the beverages and eats. And did I mention the luxurious leather couches? The best seat in the house for certain. Maybe I’m just lazy.
This isn’t a concept. It’s not up for debate mind you. The Venue already proved quality and taste is still in demand with their last location. This one is just a new and improved continuation.
They’re open and ready. Lunch, drinks, dinner & dancing. Get decked out or just hang out. However you play it you’ll find a fine time at the new Venue. Reminds me of... “Meet the new boss... same as the old boss!”
(All recognition to “The Who” for that fitting phrase).