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Putter's Tavern 5723 Signal Hill Milford 831 5777
Putter's Maineville 6040 South SR 48 Maineville, OH 45039 - 513-494-2054

Meet Big Bertha

Across the country food challenges are gettin’ attention. Adam Richmond is putting on many-o’ pounds traveling from town to town busting his gut. Adam hasn’t been here yet but Cincy has several bust-a-gut challenges of our own. MetroMix even printed a list back in January. Joe’s Diner, Cheezburger Cafe, Mecklenburg Gardens, Brad’s Burgers, Ramundo’s, Raniero’s, Sub Station ll, Willie’s Sports Cafe, By Gollys, Padrino and Quaker Steak & Lube. All have serious challenges and the last three are all in Milford.
The article was fine with the exception of one missing name. Putters. Putters Milford is located not even a mile from all three of the other Milford restaurants featured. Someone skipped their homework somewhere at corporate on that one but no worries. We’ll fill in the blank.
Folks, meet Big Bertha. Before you even started reading you no doubt studied Big Bertha’s form. She ain’t exactly pretty, she ain’t exactly small, one jumbo Nathan’s dog, two half pounder patties, four slices of cheese (swiss, pepper jack, cheddar & American), three onion rings, six slices of bacon, a dozen deep fried pickles and a heap of mac & cheese between her big buns, you could say she’s got it all. You’ll need a big belly to put her under your belt that’s for certain. She’s more than most men can handle.
She’s a massive mother burger and deserves to grace any respectable Cincinnati food challenge list. While she may not be the heftiest challenge on the list, she ain’t for the meek either. Many are never going to be up to taking her down. But, that doesn’t mean she can’t be shared among friends. Two to four people could order her up, split her up, polish her off and have fun doing it. She’ll run you $18.98 so that’s less than five bucks a head if four are ordering. Even at that ratio, everyone still gets a 1/4 pound burger with a strip and a half of bacon plus all the other toppings. The Mac & cheese can’t be contained on the mammoth momma so there’s extra of that to go around. Same with the pickles.
Bertha is big but her best feature is her flavor. Don’t think for a second she’s all flashy form and no function. She’s soo good going down you may come to find yourself having a repeated affair with her. Char grilled fresh beef, good bacon and real cheeses is good enough. Throw in sides of fried pickles & onion rings, a Nathan’s dog and mac & cheese to boot and it’s a platter on a bun.
So there you have it. The rest of the story. We don’t usually call out the other papers on their articles one way or the other. Big Bertha’s beauty begged us to call them out on this one though. If this sexy photo of Bertha is callin’ you out, you can feast on her flesh to your hearts desire at any of the three Putter’s


Milford has seen it’s share of economic growth lately. Most of it consists of corporate chain clodhoppers. Recently a real Diamond was added among the cubic zirconia clones, Putter’s Tavern.
Putter’s Tavern has perfected the perfect recipe to a successful Eastside pub, two long standing locations can testify to that. Owner Jan Collins has extensive experience in the restaurant business. Yet, Jan seems more mom than manager. Maybe that is the secret to her success.
Putters aims to please and it shows. The restaurant has two separated bars and dining areas for smoking and non-smoking so no one feels left out. The whole place is buzzing with entertainment. Live trivia on Tuesdays, top name local bands Wednesday - Saturday, NTN Trivia, pool tables and darts, a putting green and game room for the kids.
Putters boasts a menu that will certainly surprise any pub lover. Not only do they serve up spectacular sandwiches, savory salads, attractive appetizers and exceptional entrees they also serve breakfast! (Sat. & Sun. 11-2).
We stopped in and devoured a Ribeye sandwich, breaded cod sandwich and even a Tiger Shrimp appetizer. The ribeye sandwich is so good it tops my list of first choices to order from now on, a big tender juicy ribeye seasoned and cooked to perfection. The onion straws were a nice compliment but not overbearing. The cod was fat, flaky and delicious. I think the Tiger shrimp was a first for me, giant prawn-like shrimp wrapped in bacon, cajun seasoned then grilled. If everything is this good I will be trying it all.
It’s a good thing The Roadhouse Grill closed up
(across the street from Putters) awhile back, because if they hadn’t, they would be now and Jan is such a nice lady she doesn’t need that on her conscience. Although anytime a locally owned and operated business can stomp down a corporate clown and send them packing, praise is in order in my book.
Milford is going to embrace this new pub with fervent ferocity for sure. Honest to goodness homemade food, great drinks and live entertainment 5 days a week is now par for the course. Putter’s has the perfect pub concept down to a “tee”.