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Paxton's Grill 126 West Loveland Ave. 583-1717

Anyone who gets a craving for a big fat fish sandwich is gonna want to read this for sure. I for one really love a big fat fish sandwich. Breaded fish is not really difficult to make at home however, it is messy. The mess and all that goes with it kind of puts me off from frying up a fillet now and then. So naturally when I see a fish sandwich on the menu that claims this is the biggest “big fat fish sandwich” I bite. I’ve been duped before.
Paxton’s has claims not only to one big piece of fish fillet, they have three! Grouper, Haddock and Cod. Paxton’s manager tells us the Grouper is one of the best sellers and if it’s even better then the Haddock I ate I see why. You don’t see Haddock on the menu as often as Cod or Grouper though (Grouper actually isn’t that common either)
so I felt the Haddock sandwich was the best choice. I had a serious appetite going and the bigger the better was all I could think about.
Luckily Paxtons didn’t sacrifice quality for quantity and the fish sandwich turned out to be a winner. Served along side a pile of hot fries and cold coleslaw (fresh made) the fish looked right at home.
For me the presentation can make all the difference. Food that looks good usually is good. I realize that statement is a bit elementary nonetheless it is reality. Just look at fast food, really look at it.
When I saw the fish sandwich come to the table I knew it was going to be good. That is if it wasn’t laced with grey “iodine tasting” spots and if it wasn’t gooey and soggy in the middle and of course if it wasn’t cooked to dried out tooth breaking fish jerky fillet. It was not!
The tender white meat stayed flaky and juicy. The breading was crisp and snapped with each bite, the meat was “grey meat” free and I was pleased. I enjoyed my fish... really. I liked the fillet so much I chose to eat it without the convolution of the bread, tomato, onion, lettuce and tartar sauce. Those I actually ate separate so as not to cover up any of the fantastic fish fillet flavor. I did dabble with the fries but the fish took center stage and I’ll be damned if I would leave any on the plate for the trash. In hindsight it’s a perfect meal for two people. If your trying to tackle it all alone better skimp on the fries. Not that they aren’t good fries but the fish is more than most can handle. You have to save room for the cole slaw though. It’s almost like a dessert made just for big fat fish sandwiches. Perfect.
If you have the good taste to sip a fresh draft along with the meal it’s even better. Paxtons has eight fresh drafts to offer. Now if a pint of Guiness, a nice crisp piece-o-fish and a six string acoustic band is what you need, you need not look any further. Maybe it’s my Irish DNA or just good old fashioned pub grub at its best but I love it. Factor in a canoe trip followed by a sunset bike ride, wrapped up with an evening at Paxtons and your living Ohio to the fullest. I’ll guarantee you one things for sure... if you finish this whole platter by yourself you’ll be the fullest my friend. I’m not just full of it either.


When you think Pub Grub do think paninis, burritos and bourbon street chicken? If not you probably don’t think big fat filet steaks either. Paxtons Grill is out to change the way you think.
Sitting smack dab in the middle of the Loveland Bike Trail the little bar bustles.
Steady crowds keep the door swinging from open to close confirming Paxtons as one of the most popular pubs on the Eastside.
It’s easy to grab a draft, get caught up in the band and forget all about the steaks and sandwich platters... until one passes by. Paxtons is a cozy pub so sooner or later a server is going to politely nudge you so they can serve up a savory steak to it’s rightful owner. That’s when you’ll remember.
They keep the kitchen open late to keep up with the demand and I’ll be damned if you can resist putting in your own order after being subject to the aroma that will arouse you when it passes by. If your lucky someone might share however, it’s highly unlikely.
Daily specials keep it interesting for the die hard Paxton’s fans who have had everything else already. For those who are new to the menu start with the steak or the burrito or the haddock or the panini. You’ll be back.