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Newtown Village Tavern & Pizza 6778 Main Street Newtown 561-9590

Newtown isn’t exactly famous for dining, pubs, good food or friendly cops. They have golf courses, a driving range, a fishery, a dairy whip and a lot of high water. What Newtown used to have as Murphy’s Pub wasn’t exactly what most people thought of as a place to get some good grub either.
Times change and Newtown now has the Newtown Village Tavern, aptly named the quaint little pub stands proudly at the corner location. Serving mainly pizza the pub keeps it simple. The menu looks similar to most other pizza places, wings, breadsticks, apps and pizza. However, the fact that there is a large bar stocked to the brim definitely separates the pub from Papa Johns.
How is this so much better? Well lets say you and some friends want to go out and watch the game, one says lets go to a bar, one says lets go to a restaurant, one says lets get a big fat pizza and share. Well you can stop the argument and pick the pub.
Newtown Village Tavern seems a perfect place to solidify the needs and wants of the average pub-grubber and put your mind at ease that all will be pleased.
I wondered just how good a pie a pub could pull off, after all most pubs don’t cook...they heat. I was in no mood for a heated up Tony’s Pizza surprise. I was in fact a bit in doubt at the pubs ability to quench my cravings so I ordered some buffalo wings and breadsticks just in case the pizza was the frozen boxed bastards I hate, and refuse to eat. Well I was Impressed to say the least. This pizza was up to par and then some against just about anybodys. Far better than the usual chain crap this was good eats for sure! Newtown Village Tavern has got the pizza thing down pat. In fact, they may even be able to brag about having the best damn pie in town. Maybe even some surrounding towns as well, after all Newtown is a tiny little place
with no competition for this sort of thing so they may need to hark the ”best pizza cry” to Anderson and Mt. Washington as well to get any real respect.
“But how good is it really” you ask. Well it’s fresh crisp and simply delicious. We ordered two individual pizzas but our server suggested (and almost insisted) we get a large ordered half and half to please our palates. She assured us we would be saving money and getting a bigger piece of the pie. I think she was right. I know I was happy with my four big pieces and judging by the smiles I think my companion was too. I didn’t need the wings after all (but better safe than sorry) but I ate them later as a snack, they were also excellent. Soft, tender and juicy inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside. Just the way I like em’. I despise those soggy skinned baked things they pawn off as buffalo wings at chain pizza joints. They cook them in the pizza oven because they’re too cheap to invest in a fryer, or the corporate cronies haven’t approved the use of fryers yet. Nevertheless soggy baked wings simply suck. I insist my wings be fried crisp and I was pleased to see Newtown Village Tavern agrees.
The bar lightens up the mood, no need to wonder about what to drink, just order a drink from the draft tap and you can’t go wrong, beats the hell out of a watered down fountain pop.
Get in for happy hour and I bet you can grab a brew for the price of a dew. Cold suds, crisp pizza and hot wings is always a winning combination. The pub has the usual bar amenities to keep you occupied waiting for the pie as well. Pool, mega touch and jukebox tunes can help you pass the time even though the wait is not long. You may find yourself making a night of it after all. I for one am glad to see someone doing a good job putting together a pub. I also like the menu, simple and delicious. Many pubs try to have a large diverse menu that really doesn’t offer anything any good anyway. Just more of the same... cheesesticks (Farm Rich usually), loaded potato skins, nachos, wings, fries and the like.
I’d rather have a slimmer menu with tasty selections than all that other crap any day.
I also think pizza is the perfect bar food, you can pick it up with your fingers, you can share it, you can get it any way you like it, you can tailor it to suit everyone’s taste and you can even eat it cold. What else can you ask for. It’s basically healthy, cheese..good, fresh crust...good, veggies...good, tomato sauce...good! I know for a fact it’s healthier than frozen boxed crap with ingredients like monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated soybean oil, hydrolyzed gluten, autolyzed yeast extract, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, propyl gallate, bht, bha, red #40 and who the hell knows what else. What the hell is that sh#t anyway!
Top off that pizza with a fresh beer and you even cut some cholesterol. We all need to eat, but we don’t have to eat complete crap just because that’s all that’s on the menu. Pub grub pizza sounds good to me!




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