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A Recession Proof Recipe:
Water, Hops, Barley, Yeast & Passion

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company
4362 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 513-240-BREW

In the heart of the Eastside a true micro brewery sits atop Mt. Carmel Hill on Mt. Carmel Tobasco Rd.
At first glance it looks much like a residential home, walk around the side and a huge 20’ door opens up into a shiny stainless steel, aromatic other world.
Mt. Carmel Brewing Company was founded in May of 2005 by Cincinnatians Mike and Kathleen Dewey. With the help of Anthony Roberts they began crafting fine micro brewed beers. The beer was great, the word got out and the sales came pouring in.
Starting out with two (below) small brew tanks the team was able to produce 4 varieties of beer. Ever increasing sales just kept pushing the production. Limited to 651 gallons a week the little brew tanks couldn’t keep up with the increase in demand.

In September, the Mt. Carmel Brewing Company bought 2 new large vessels (far right) that can crank out 3720 gallons a week. They can not only keep up with demand but allow the brew house to put out a few special brews such as Winter Lager and a Stout for the winter season. All that extra beer means crazy long hours hand bottling all that beer. Along with the new vats MCBC also got their hands on a nice auto bottler (3rd from left bottom row). The auto bottler will drastically increase efficiency. It used to take 12 months to bottle 44,000 beers now they can do it in 22 hours. That gives the team more time to do what they do best, brewing world class micro brew.
The brewery’s labels are found all over the Tri-State. You’ll find the bottles in retail stores such as Kroger, Jungle Jims and Biggs. Draft taps are flowing here in the Eastside at Dilly Deli Wines & Gourmet, Great Scott, Zip’s Cafe, Sports Page Cafe, Mio’s Pizzeria (Anderson), Newtown Village Tavern, Mulligan’s Hyde Park and The Works. More are added frequently so check the brewery web site for details.

Many would say it’s all about the refreshing brew. But what’s truly refreshing about this story is the fact that here we have a small business, (a micro business by government standards) that is not only making money, in a recession, but growing steadily.
The brewmeister truly loves his work as do the rest of the team. They’re making a living by living a dream. Right here on Mt. Carmel Tobasco. With no help from bailouts or stimulus packages needed. That’s the heart of the American dream and businesses like this are keeping it beating. Lest never forget that.
The success is based on the product. The product is a result of passion. The passion springs from a dream. So in essence your actually drinking a dream. Now you can’t say that about many other beers can you.
What can you say about MBC brews?
We knew just who to ask with that question,
20 Brix. After all, 20 Brix hosts beer & wine tastings every Tuesday. Chef Paul Baracco and Clay Mitchel were excited to sample the brews, here’s their synopsis.
The MBC Amber: “Really clean, a nice caramel sweetness with the hop at the end, no aftertaste, nice color. It would pair nicely with fish & chips or roasted chicken with caramelized squash.”
The MBC Nut Brown: “Slight semi sweet chocolatey, roasted hazelnut flavors. We’d love it with a nice dry cheese plate, good aged cheddar or Manchego.”
The MBC Indian Pale: “Semi aggressive hops, bright, a great everyday drinker. An IPA that would stand up against any I’ve seen. It has that distinctive IPA finish we all look for in a great IPA” Clay says. “It would pair nice with spicy dishes like our fennel custard with spicy chicken and blue cheese salad. A great IPA.”
The MBC Blonde: “Golden amber, very clean, bright hops yet not too bitter, pleasantly bitter. Not overbearing a nice nutty finish. Again a great beer with spicy food, seafood. Pairings are numerous with this beer.”
The good folks over at 20 Brix enjoyed the tasting. We enjoyed offering them something new to sample. We’re certain your going to see more and more local pubs and restaurants carrying this hand crafted micro brew. Mt. Carmel Brewing Company offers a variety to suit most any palate and the prices are cheap for such hand crafted quality. One things for sure you won’t find a fresher beer anywhere at any price. Regardless of what the silly “Born On” date says. Treat yourself, try some great beer and keep it local at the same time.