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Good Food Fast

Loving Hut
6227 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213
(513) 731-2233

As always I grow increasingly sickened at the sight or smell of fast food. Always on the hunt for something worth eating, I keep a measurable lookout for quality food joints. Especially cheap one’s. Cheap, good food is nearly impossible to find.
When you examine exactly what you are eating, how much qualifies as food? Less than you think. Take a McMeal; A bun so processed and bleached it’s nothing but starch, sugar and chemicals. Cheese that has no cheese, just chemicals, coloring and gelatinous goo that firms up to mimic cheese. Four pickles that are processed in chemicals and dyed. Sugar based colored condiments. A meat patty made from over 1000 different animals combined (on average). Highly dosed animals that pass on industrial strength antibiotics, steroids, pain killers, growth hormones and numerous fatal diseases. It packs pretty much equal parts of protein, sodium, cholesterol and fat. Topped off with sugar.
If bacteria doesn’t see it as food then neither do I. Eating decent, cheap and fast can mean just ordering egg rolls to go (as I usually do) when looking for a drive thru alternative. The Loving Hut in Montgomery does not have a drive thru. But if they did they could fuel a revolution. If you’re too lazy to come all the way in and order, drive on by then. What they offer is amazing, real food through and through at McDumbass prices.
First off it’s healthy because it’s meat free. “That just ruined it for me” you say, wrong. Stop your Homer Simpson preconceptions and expand your horizons. Or at least stop expanding your gut for once. Mac & Cheese, Grilled Dumplings, BBQ Drumsticks, Sloppy Joe, A1 Burger, Chick’ n Sandwiches, Panini and Buffalo Wraps. Sounds like standard fare right? It’s all meatless thanks to Gardein Products. They’re low in fat, sodium and carbs. Have zero cholesterol and 15% protein (Slightly more than your body needs). Best part is, it tastes better than meat. Seriously. The shredded chicken in the photo was better to me than any “real” chicken one’s I’ve had.
Part of that was the homemade sauce. They had hot and BBQ. I got both. The hot stood out. Everything about the wrap, the tomato, the rich ranch, it all shouted freshness loudly. It feels good eating good food.
The Loving Hut offers an app menu, veggie entrees, salads, wraps & sandwiches, a raw menu with pizza and tacos, soups, desserts and specials.
I could go on and on about The Loving Hut but you’d get bored, maybe you already are. Sad to say but articles on the few truly healthy places are not on the top of the popularity list. I write them anyway. I rarely see any place that goes to every effort providing healthy food that tastes better than fast food, for the same prices. $6 buys you most anything here and that’s as cheap as it gets.
The Loving Hut shouldn’t be just tried by all, it should inspire all. Just like Loveland’s veteran veggie pioneer The Veg Head. Those guys are in the forefront of a food revolution. They are our hometown examples of what food will be like in the future. It will be too, wanna know why? Because the only people left alive will be alive because they didn’t feed on McDisease with cheese (and a Diet). Now that’s not as boring as you thought huh!




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