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Hibachi Grill
617 Ohio Pike - Cincinnati, Ohio 45245 | 513-843-5168

Beechmont’s new buffet

We’ve been hit with a barrage of inquiries regarding the new Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet on Ohio Pike. People want to know is it good? Is it affordable? What do they offer? Where can we get coupons? So here it is, food, info, coupons and all.
First off, the building used to be the BW3’s. Hibachi Grill headquarters decided it would make the perfect Ohio location for their first location in the area. The company has locations in North & South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana and New Jersey. They sent out their crew and staff to Cincinnati and who knows how many tens of thousands of dollars later they had their first Ohio location looking shiny as new. The space looks much larger than it ever did, and seats more people than ever before as well. Hibachi Grill did do a really nice job on the interior too. Private booth seating and large group table seating are both incorporated.

These folks are no stranger to the buffet business. The 150+ item buffet features only the tried & true selections & recipes that they know are popular. All in all they have a vast offering. Start off with a 21 item salad bar with 9 dressings, then dig into the 60 dinner items (Chinese, Japanese, American & Mexican), 20 sushi items, no to mention the Hibachi Grill. Finally, finish off with 7 dessert choices, plus 8 ice cream flavors. Whew! That’s a belly buster. Of course few would (or should) tackle tasting them all, so here’s some our faves.
Crispy Fish-nice white fish filets fried crisp.

BBQ Chicken- smokey roast chicken cut into chunks and slathered in sweet sauce. Beef Tenderloin-tender beef with a Worcestershire kick.
Pork Tenderloin-juicy, garlic pork dry rubbed.
Swai Filet- sweet white fish baked just through.
Sweet Chili Mussels- on the half shell with minced green onions & sweet chilis drizzled in chili sauce.
Mexican Chili Squid- cold squid pieces with cilantro, minced peppers & Mexican spices.
Steamed clams.
Sweet Glazed Ham-just look at the photo!
The Hibachi Grill rib-eye.
Foot long eggrolls-not stuffed a foot long, but long, twisted not folded wrappers.
Wasabi shrimp sushi.
Steamed seasoned crawfish.

There is also a plethora of shrimp dishes, and too much more to go into here (and still have room for all these sweet photos). But the real deal is the namesake: Hibachi Grill. Load up your plate with noodles, raw veggies, eggs, chicken, shrimp, seafood or even rib-eye steak and watch the Hibachi chef sizzle it up right before your eyes. The combinations are endless, and can be created to taste with different sauces including some super hot sauces. Honestly the Hibachi Grill is worth the buffet price all by itself. Then again, the sushi is worth the price all by itself. And of course the buffet is worth the price by itself. The best part is, for one price, you get all three. And more, and more, and more. Just remember, you are what you eat. Eat a bucket full of food and your belly (and/or butt/thighs/neck/head) will look like a bucket. Eat smart, enjoy tasting many things, but, stop eating when your just full and you won’t look like you eat out of a bucket. But C’mon, it’s a huge buffet, who’s going to do that, right? Right.
Lunch prices: $6.75 (age 10+), $4.25 (ages 7-10), $2.25 (ages 3-6)
Dinner prices: $9.29 (age 10+), $5.75 (ages 7-10), $3.75 (ages 3-6)
10% discount for seniors
Hibachi Grill is open 7 days a week (11-9:30 Sunday-Thursday and 11-10:30 Friday & Saturday). It’s just east of 275 on St. Rt. 125. Call to reserve a private event room 513.843.5168 Go to our coupons tab on our home page ( and print great Hibachi Grill (among many others) coupons too!