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Americana In Amelia

Great Scott Diner
106 East Main Street Amelia, Ohio 513-943- 4637

Amelia’s ancient Abbott’s has been transformed into a shiny new diner. The Pierce Township eatery Great Scott gutted the old building and came in with a new look and a new attitude.
Customers once sunk back in musty vinyl high backed corner booths and contemplated what era the carpet was from while waiting for their spaghetti and meatballs. Now, they sit in the bright and lively dining room, the epicenter of the hub-ub.
Servers breeze by almost buzzing, with all haste, juggling platters and plates. The place is usually packed and on a wait during peak hours. You might get lucky and go straight for a seat at the counter. The quintessential diner seat of course. If you do, your only a cheese burger, a shake and two straws away from trading Eskimo kisses with Peggy Sue.

The 50’s vibe is cool, but what about the food? A place like this simply cannot open in good conscience without a proper burger as their signature item. A cheese burger naturally. A double preferably.
As you can see (left) they do have one that looks above average. It is above average. Hand formed beef patties with American cheese sitting on top lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. Toppings are the standard options. It’s All American.
Is it good? You bet. Is it great? We’re certain some would say so. Is it Terry’s good? Maybe not. However Terry’s Turf Club is the undisputed burger king after all. No one in town has bested them yet.
Don’t get us wrong it is good and it is a big boy too. Not to be confused with that little double Frisch’s serves under the same name. “Big Boy... right.” The Great Scott burger truly is big, and pretty too.
We had a feeling Great Scott would take care of business when it came to the burgers.

But what about fish?
If your going to put a fish sandwich on the menu you should hand bread it. If you choose to go frozen then at least find a good one. People don’t expect a diner to serve Sea Bass they just next day aired from Alaska but they do expect something decent, even if it is frozen. Fresh breaded is always best, just look at ABG!
This was frozen fish and not the good kind. The thin filet was heavily breaded when it came out of the freezer I guarantee. After that it was fried (a bit too long), drained (but not well) and placed on the bun. After the first couple bites it soggily squished and separated from it’s breaded shell, revealing a rather unappealing pile of mushy fish scraps. The fries (frozen crinkle cuts) were a bit of a saving grace.
We’ve read good and so so, so far about the diner. We agree with both.
Fresh cut fries, hand breaded cod filets, a little less Sysco with a lot more El Cook-O might not seem like much, but could make a world of difference here.
Amelia loves the diner. Amelia needs the diner. The diner itself is top quality. The staff is quality. We bet even the cook is quality. If only all of the ingredients were of the same quality!
Great Scott Diner is a great addition to Amelia. It opened to an incredible crowd and hasn’t slowed since. They just barely opened the doors and people (like us) are already coming down on every short coming. It’s all constructive criticism on our part. We’ll stop by from time to time. It’s brand new and it’s certain to improve.