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Battle Burger Round 3
See bottom for scores from Round 1 & 2

We’re in Round 3 of our Battle - Burger. While all of our contestants have been award winners many have fallen short of moving on to the finals. This month we threw in a non-award winner, Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace. It’s a brand new place in the Horseshoe casino so naturally it hasn’t won a damn thing yet. You will see how Bobby fared as you read on.
After considering all the scores so far we have decided to put any burger that gets a 3.75 in the finals. This is for two reasons, one because just like football, the fact that every playoff winner doesn’t necessarily face off against the toughest competitors isn’t a true test (If it were so in football, the Bengals would never have been to a single Super Bowl). And two, because it’s our contest and we can do whatever the hell we want. Hey, it’s all about the search for The Best burger after all right? Sidebar came out swinging like Mike Tyson in the first round and earned an impressive 3.76, Round 2 winner Sammy’s Three Meat earned a 3.75. So, 3.75 is par, earn that or better and you move on to the finals.

In Round 3 we pitted City View, Arthur’s, Flipdaddy’s, Zip’s and Bobby Flay against one another.... Here are the results.

#5 Zip’s Cafe. With a mere 3.41 Zip’s lumpy little burger came in dead last. Judges complained about the copious amounts of mayo and gave it low scores in all categories. I complain about the cheap ass bun, the poorly chopped lopsided onions and the overall “Sam’s Club” cheapness of the whole thing. I’ve always wondered how this place ever became famous for burgers. They look like something a drunk uncle would grill up for a backyard 4th of July.

#4 Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace. Earning a respectable 3.64 the judges thought it was “Good, but nothing outstanding”. I thought a bit better of it than that. But, that’s why we have unbiased judges in this competition and leave my 2 cents out. It certainly looks good & tastes good to me. However, getting your hands on one will be more trouble than many will be willing to bother with. According to our pro panel of judges, it isn’t worth it anyway. Falling short on scores, Bobby got benched.

#3 Arthur’s. Arthur’s came in with a 3.75. With comments such as “Great showcase of meat... Simple presentation shows (off) meat very well” and “Patty needs seasoning” The comments were mixed, though scores were high across the board. A solid showing and even though Arthur’s came in 3rd, their score just made the grade to move them onto the finals. A mere 1 point less would have bumped them out completely.

#2 City View Tavern. With a 3.81 the Mt. Adam’s Tavern dished out a delightful burger and the judges enjoyed it. “Excellent flavor & seasoning in both burger and sauce”, Great seasoning and texture of the patty”. They dissed it for “messy presentation”. In Round 1 Chef Paul mentioned City View as one of his faves, but he didn’t pick it out by name in the blind judging. City View moves on to the finals.

#1 Flipdaddy’s. WOW! What a shocker. I passionately hate this place’s burgers and refuse to spend a Canadian dime on one. Shows you what I know huh? The judges scores soared, rating Flipdaddy’s burger #1. They earned comments such as “Best looking (burger) of the group... Nice size patty, thin but still served medium rare, nice touch... Best bun of the group” and “I like the toasting on the bun...Great flavor for having no sauce”. I thought sure it would fail miserably. I thought the one I reviewed did (as did the service, and the prices, and the mac & cheese, and the attitude). Nevertheless, Flipdaddy’s earned a spot at the final table and it seems they are a strong contender to face off with.

There it is for Round 3. Three burgers of the five move on to the finals! You can see all the past round competitors to date on our site ( Next month, we judge several more of the top awarded burgers in Cincy, then it’s off to the massive final round in June when we announce the Battle winner.
Chef Paul Barraco, Hunter Thomas and Clay Mitchell of 20 brix are judging and hosting the Battle and they have done a pure pro job so far. In our final round we will have a special guest judge added to the panel. That special guest judge will remain anonymous until that round comes around.
So far the Battle has turned up a few surprises in both winners and losers (as compared to my opinion). That’s all in fair play because this is the only Burger Battle in Cincy history that has zero influence from the readers, editors or staff of the publication putting it on (that we know of). It’s simply pure pro palates that decide in the end who’s got the goods and who’s just hype. A worthy Battle to win.


Round 2 - The Scores
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#3 Five Guys Burgers & Fries - Total score- 3.12
#2 Smashburger - Total score- 3.67
#1 Sammy’s Three Meat Burger - Total score- 3.75

Round 1 - The Scores
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#3- Mad Mike’s - Newport. Total score - 3.40
#2- 915 Pub - Ft. Thomas, Total score 3.59
#1- Sidebar - Covington. Total score 3.76