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Bobby's Burger Palace

1000 Broadway Cincinnati, OH 45202

I had my doubts if Bobby’s Burger Palace chain was worth the wait. A poor review from the Washington Post (By Tom Sietsema) fueled my fears... “Our smiles slip as soon as we bite into the hamburgers... The toppings... turn out to be distractions for ground beef that, on its own, has very little flavor. Nearby, a metal holder with five squeeze bottles encourages patrons to drench their troubles in sauce. Just about everything else we check out is as regrettable... The happy exceptions are those milkshakes... “When I go out to a restaurant, I don’t want to feel like a sucker,” says my lunch companion, pushing away the relatively untouched plates but continuing to nurse his drink. “Here, I feel like a sucker.” That’s a punch in the throat review for the almighty Bobby Flay.
At the Horseshoe BBP, I felt like a sucker too after a solid 55 minutes in line. A full hour after I got there I had my very own Bobby Burger in a bag. Now, where to eat it? There is not near enough seats for even half the customers in line. Therefore, order to go, stand somewhere and eat it, or wait even longer. I tried to order with my phone online as they have a sign for “online order pickup”. The system isn’t up yet. In fact you can’t even order by phone! Horrible set-up here.
The only spot I could go to eat in peace was outside on a sunny sidewalk. Odd there is nowhere to actually eat your Bobby Burger after you wait an hour and purchase one. Nevertheless, on the first juicy bite I decided this Bobby Burger should go in our current Battle Burger competition (see page 6).
The thick six ounce patty was cooked perfect. Tender juicy and beefy. The wheat bun tasted wholesome and toppings were fresh. A few bites later exposed too much salty seasoning but overall I felt it was still a competitor. I would order with light or no salt/seasoning, it’s over powering. The fresh cut fries were spot on and the slightly spicy “BBP” sauce they come with was excellent. At just under $8 for the burger and $3 for fries your still spending less than Terry’s. Not bad for a uber-ego NY chef joint chain, that’s actually decent.
BBP offers 10 versions of his burgers, all can have potato chips added (BBP calls it “crunchified”). Read between the lines of this menu and I think Bobby is quite familiar with the “munchies”.
I do detest how Bobby adds his name to everything but it is humorous to hear the BBP cashiers say “Welcome to Bobby’s Burger Palace are you ready to order? OK sir, that’s one Bobby Blue Burger and one fry with Bobby’s Burger Sauce and a glass off Bobby’s Burger Palace white wine (they have it).... for here or to go”. Bobby Bobby Bobby, we know who you are already!

The Spread Buffet

Horseshoe Casino




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Jim says...
I was excited to see a burger place that was connected with Bobby Phlay at the casino- one would expect nothing but a gourmet experience knowing Bobby\'s reputation. We were starving and every other food place had a tremendously long wait. Yes, there was a long line at BBP\'s, but it appeared to be moving quite regularly. My first bite into my burger revealed an extremely salty taste. I thought maybe it was the cheese. I asked my wife if her burger seemed rather salty and she agreed with me. I Read More
3rd September 2013 10:27pm
Mike says...
When you use a term like "restaurateur" you set the bar rather high. To then improperly conjugate the verb "rise" simply opens the door to criticism. Please proofread your articles.
4th April 2013 7:18pm
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