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Battle - Burger Round 5
See bottom of page for scores from Round 1, 2 & 3 & 4

Round 5 of our Battle-Burger pits the last seven contestants against each other. Next month, the best of the best face off at the final table. I’m not using the term Best lightly either. The only burgers we chose for the contest were all prior award winners (by major local publications). To be 100% fair, we extended an invitation to any and all who wish to compete and several (non-award winner) restaurants got in the ring.
Some competitions are reader voted, others staff voted. Ours is chef judged. We left our input out of the judging completely. The judges (of 20 Brix) have no idea who’s burger they are eating until they read it here the same as you. Here are the results of Round Five!

#7 Taphouse Grill 3.71
One of the restaurants that contacted us to be included in the Battle. Tap House fell short by a mere 4 points. Judges comments such as; “Meat texture was gritty and over cooked” and “Tomato and lettuce lifeless” explained why they scored it too low to move on. We salute the Tap House for putting their burger where their mouth is. So many bark, so few bite.

#6 Doris & Sonny’s 3.72
This burger won “Best” burger in the past but was passed up in this competition.
The judges liked the sauce (“Cool sauce, almost like slaw dressing”) but overall the scores just weren’t enough to wow them. I’ll say one thing, the folks at Doris & Sonny’s are as friendly as they come. They do great food, and with a genuine smile.

#5 Sammy’s Gourmet 3.96
“Nicely cooked, still pink and moist” and “Good sauce, nostalgic, almost thousand island like” showed the judges spirit towards the Sammy Burger. While they will have a tough time at the final table with a 3.96, we’re moving them on to find out.

#4 Gordo’s Pub & Grill 4.42
Gordo’s showed well in appearance and flavor. They cooked it perfect too which is a major key to success. “Nice flavor, not over seasoned but very flavorful” was a credit to their recipe. “Really good fresh beef flavor” showed credit to their beef quality. Gordo’s doesn’t do anything over the top or unique. They just do everything really well.

#3 Tavern On The Bend 4.55
One thing you’ll notice right off is the “frozen looking” patty. The judges noticed it too... “Patty looks frighteningly perfect but tastes fresh and very good!”. It was a topic of interest. Chef Paul said “They must press fresh meat in a form, if not that was the best damn frozen patty I’ve ever seen... but I’m sure it’s fresh not frozen” Fact is, the Tavern burger is fresh. They get their meat (special ground) from a local butcher. It wasn’t just the patty they dug either, “Love the buttered bun and the fresh toppings.”

#2 Terry’s Turf Club 4.57
In odds, Terry’s is a favorite to win. They always do. Every paper, every site, Terry’s is at the top. This Battle is quite different than the others though. As far as we know, this is the only blind contest Terry’s has been judged in. Mr Carter’s burger will be anonymous alongside everyone else at the final table. Interestingly enough, the judges thought certain they would know a Terry burger when they saw one. They didn’t. Hunter Thomas told us after the contest, “I just ate one of these the other day... you’d think I would have recognized it” Blind contests really change your conscious and subconscious thoughts, and even the playing field. “Really well seasoned”, “Amazing bun with great buttery flavor” and “Super gooey cheese, nice & sharp” Obviously they loved it, and didn’t even know who’s it was.

#1 Putter’s Tavern 4.82
Putter’s beautiful burger beat the almighty Terry’s Turf Club. Not to mention earned the highest score to date. This non-award winner entry has a shot at winning! Or at least come in the top five. In a blind Battle this tough, Top Five is a serious award of it’s own. One judge gave Putter’s a near perfect 5 with a 4.92!

Next month is the finals with guest judge Rob Williams of Fox 19 Morning News. We have 14 contestants at that final table, I hope he’s hungry. Rob will be dining with the 20 Brix crew so you know corks will be poppin’. I hope he brings a driver.
Who will be the best in the end? Who knows. I do know one thing, to get in the top five of this contest is likely harder than it is to win many others. At this point everyone at the final table should be proud. Everyone placing in the top five is certainly serving a burger deserving of an award in itself. Maybe we’ll make a Top 5 award. Just because you don’t take first place doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some serious recognition. In a contest this tough, you certainly do.


Round 4 - The Scores
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#7 The Varsity- 3.41
#6 Gabby's Cafe- 3.48
#5 Quatman Cafe- 3.51
#4 Oakley Pub & Grill- 4.26
#3 Anderson Township Pub- 4.35
#2 Township Fields & Tavern- 4.37
#1 By Golly's- 4.53

Round 3 - The Scores
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#5 Zip’s Cafe- Total score- 3.41
#4 Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace-Total score- 3.64
#3 Arthur’s-Total score- 3.75
#2 City View Tavern-Total score- 3.81
#1 Flipdaddy’s-Total score- 3.96

Round 2 - The Scores
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#3 Five Guys Burgers & Fries - Total score- 3.12
#2 Smashburger - Total score- 3.67
#1 Sammy’s Three Meat Burger - Total score- 3.75

Round 1 - The Scores
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#3- Mad Mike’s - Newport. Total score - 3.40
#2- 915 Pub - Ft. Thomas, Total score 3.59
#1- Sidebar - Covington. Total score 3.76