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Battle - Burger Round 4
See bottom of page for scores from Round 1, 2 & 3

Welcome to Round Four of our Battle - Burger. This month, a couple non-award winning burgers were included by request (Varsity and Township Fields & Tavern). We warned the new-comers that the all award winning burger line-up we have is fierce competition but who can blame them for wanting in on the action?
Aside from the two newbies, we have By Golly’s, Gabby’s Cafe, Quatman Cafe, Oakley Pub & Grill and Anderson Township Pub. All are award winners or runners up in previous burger competitions.
The talented and lovely folks from 20 Brix are judging the competition completely blind (as to who’s burger is in front of them). They are using every nuance of their pro palates to hone in on the intricacies of each burger offered. For the final round (Six) we will be adding News Anchor Rob Williams (Fox 19) to the judges panel. Rob will add yet another interesting perspective to the judging, assuring a well rounded panel. Contestants need to score a minimum of 3.75 to move on to that final round. So onto the results.

#7 - Varsity 3.41
Anderson’s new Varsity knew it would be tough, but their entry did look good. The judges liked it but felt the tomato was dead weight. Comments such as; “Looks appealing”, “Fresh lettuce, onion, good pickle but out of season tomato”, Nice looking burger as a whole but out of season tomato hurt it” showed it had promise but fell short in the end. We give them an A for effort, and the moxy to get in the ring.

#6 - Gabby’s Cafe 3.48
This runner up award winner could have showed much better than they did. One look as I was photographing the burger told me it was burned to hell and back.
The judges agreed; “So much lost by burger patty... would have been a home run had it been cooked better”, “Super burnt / over-cooked, toppings were beautiful, bun was light and airy, just too overcooked”. You could tell it could have been a great burger, but sadly, sloppy kitchen work sealed Gabby’s fate. Had they known it was for the contest.... who knows. But we judge the same burger they would have served you.

#5 - Quatman Cafe 3.51
Quatman’s is loved and adored by burger fanatics. The ancient eatery has been doing burgers just the same way for decades and won awards for their efforts. The judges dug it but in the end the competition was just to powerful for them to move on. “Great size, retro, solid (contender) but toppings leave a little to be desired”, “Good classic burger, meat quality was too grisly & gritty”. Somehow I don’t think they are going to give two hoots. Quatman’s will roll on with their 70’s beef burgers topped with onion and pickle (the only way they serve it).

#4 - Oakley Pub & Grill 4.26
The first burger to go on to the finals in this round. Oakley Pub’s food is far above par for any pub in town. Their wings are pure heaven on a bone. It’s no surprise the judges left comments such as; “Super juicy, I want another!”, “Best burger so far, love the texture, cooked perfectly” and “Really juicy, great seasoning, perfectly cooked”. Oakley Pub moves on to the final round.

#3 - Anderson Township Pub 4.35
ATP slightly bested Oakley pub with their award winning big beef burger. One reason was the screamingly fresh super ripe tomato. The judges noticed it right off and sung it’s praises in their comments; “I don’t know where they are getting those juicy tomatoes but they are perfect”, Great job on all toppings”, “Great looking burger, beautiful bun, unbelievable tomato. If I had a whole one I would eat it like an apple”. See what quality ingredients can do! Good job ATP, you’re moving on up.

#2 - Township Field’s & Tavern 4.37
Besting both award winning pubs, Township nearly stole the whole show with their unknown new-comer burger entry. The judges praised it in several categories; “Butter grilled bun was addicting, and it kept the burger very structurally intact, just delicious really”, and “Best seasoning flavor by far!”, “Good solid burger all around”. We had no clue how Township would do as an unknown in this brutal Battle but they almost won the whole round! Crazy. They move on to the final table in June.

#1 - By Golly’s 4.53
This one was funny! We knew who’s it was but the judges did not. They f@ckin’ loved this burger and kept guessing who’s it was but decided to wait for the answer to be revealed in print. There you go guys! It’s your neighbor By Golly’s. That was a regular ole “By Golly” burger. Ready for lunch? They should be with comments such as; “Best overall flavor”, “Best patty by a long shot”, “Best burger experience of the contest (so far)”, “Simple but perfect, great caramelized onion, Incredible flavor” and “These guys know how to handle their meat”. With such a high score, By Golly’s is in the running to win the Battle or at least come very close. We will see!

Remember, the contestants don’t know their competing, the orders are spontaneous and unannounced and the judging is 100% blind. Our judges are presented with the exact same quality burger you would be if you stopped by for a bite.
This is a raw honest competition. Only one will win in the end but the top five runners up should be considered winners in their own right as well.
Next month we assemble our last qualifying round. If you serve beautiful beef that needs recognition this is your last chance to participate.
Otherwise, we will stack up the last few award winning burgers in the city for the judges. Then, it’s off to the final round to crown the king of Cincy Vibe’s Battle - Burger 2013.
You can see all the past contenders and results to date on our site.

Round 3 - The Scores
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#5 Zip’s Cafe- Total score- 3.41
#4 Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace-Total score- 3.64
#3 Arthur’s-Total score- 3.75
#2 City View Tavern-Total score- 3.81
#1 Flipdaddy’s-Total score- 3.96

Round 2 - The Scores
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#3 Five Guys Burgers & Fries - Total score- 3.12
#2 Smashburger - Total score- 3.67
#1 Sammy’s Three Meat Burger - Total score- 3.75

Round 1 - The Scores
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#3- Mad Mike’s - Newport. Total score - 3.40
#2- 915 Pub - Ft. Thomas, Total score 3.59
#1- Sidebar - Covington. Total score 3.76