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50 West Brewing Company
7668 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45227 (513)-834-8789

Brew pubs are still hot. Beer brewed on-site, a chefy menu, tastings and tours. people dig it. 50 West in the old Wooster mansion is the latest. Brewing 17 beers on-site (at the moment). They offer a Sunday brunch menu and a dinner one. Much of it sounds worth a look.
Aside from the Soup of the Moment, salads and “bites” (English Pea and Bruschetta & Smoked Salmon Guacamole) you’ll find; Veggie Italian sausage stuffed eggplant, chicken chorizo stuffed pablano peppers, turkey wings, a gyro with house made meat, Jerk fish, mussels and more.
Walking in the old mansion, the pomp is gone. The decor is solidly pub now with high top tables in most of the room and a lower booth dining section. Dark nature colors and dark wood offer a cozy feel.

The server was actually an assistant Brewmeister. No sooner were we seated than we were greeted and watered. Familiar with the online menu I thought we were ready to order right off but we were offered a slightly different menu that included falafel. So we ordered the falafel with Baba ghanoush and Tzatziki sauce, and a stuffed eggplant (I wanted to try this veggie Italian sausage).
Water comes to the table in big chilled glass bottles. Many nearby diners ordered the pretzel and I wish I did too (again, not on the online menu). It was huge and looked & smelled great. What pairs better with any beer than big fat hot & soft chewy pretzels?
I ordered the beer flight, seven rocks glass sized tasters of the brews 50 West is showcasing. It was a good choice and at just $5 on Sundays, it should be on every table. I did like several of the beers, and others would have been disappointing had I ordered a pint, so the tasters are a must to me.
The food came out fast. The falafel was first to fork, under the crisp crust, a nice moist interior revealed itself as delicious. The cold Baba ghanoush was flavorful if not mild. A swipe of the Tzatziki sauce brightened up everything. A well crafted offering.
The eggplant looked rustically elegant nestled in a 6” cast iron pan. Swimming in sauce the aroma was powerful with fresh Rosemary and herbs.
Digging in was difficult as the bottom layer of the eggplant roll was tough to cut with a fork. I took it apart anyway as to get at that Veggie Italian sausage. It was mild yet flavorful. Perhaps slightly under-cooked eggplant but again, a quality plate.
The small skillet of rustic potatoes were the star of the show, Perfectly cooked and well seasoned. I would push these hard if I were a server here.
There are a few more dishes I wouldn’t mind trying but nothing begging me. The portions are petite, plates average $8-12 so one might expect a bit more. Personally I could eat two - three of these entrees if I’m truly hungry. That pushes the price up considerably.
Without even a single “dinner portion” entree I don’t see 50 West as a dinner destination. More of a unique drinks & apps kinda place. Nothing wrong with that. However when you consider the area, a couple steaks with full sides may draw in respectively more diners than the tapas style menu as it stands now.
My visit was worthwhile, yet I find after leaving, little calling me back. Perhaps it’s the lack of dinner portioned entrees or that few of the house made brews had me smacking my lips. I hate to say it because I appreciate and applaud all the effort and talent 50 West is loaded with. You should check it out as it’s all a matter of taste and there is no measure of that in right or wrong. These guys are putting out pure quality.